Raipur : Development is reaching the inaccessible areas through song and music | newsforum

Raipur  | Once again the evenings in Bastar have become colourful and musical with the beats of Maandar and melodious folk songs. Art troupes and their performances have not only brought back the cultural vibe in the rural areas of state but has also inspired people of rural areas to live a better life. They get to know about the government schemes and how to avail them through the performances of the art troupes.

These folk artists have reached even the remotest and the inaccessible areas of Sukma district such as Jagargunda and Chintalnar, Gangalur, Basaguda in Bijapur district, and even the corners of Abujhmad area of Narayanpur district, where they have been creating awareness about the government scheme through dance, music and play. Promotion with the help of art troupes in the local dialect is proving to be really effective.


Public relations department has been promoting the public welfare schemes related to education, health, nutrition and livelihood, making common people aware of the benefits in their local dialects such as Chhattisgarhi, Halbi, Gondi, Bhatri, Dhurva, and Dorla through play and music.

Along with the schemes being run for farmers, youth and women, art troupes are also promoting the information about the works being done for grievance redressal, infrastructure development, preserving the local culture etc, hike in wages for tendupatta collection, schemes like narva, garva, ghurva, bari. Through these cultural programmes, promotional material based on government schemes published by public relations department is also being distributed to the villagers.

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