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(Where should these educated youth go? Spending millions and putting his age at stake, he weaved dreams of his golden life, but the government is thinking of self-interests, not his welfare. The self drum is beating and Haryana became the number one unemployed state across the country.)

©Priyanka Saurabh, Hisar (Haryana)

{ Research Scholar in Political Science, Poetess, Independent journalist and columnist, All India Radio and TV Penalist }



New figures have declared Haryana as the number one unemployed state across the country. But the coalition government here is not ready to accept this. New rules are being imposed on the unemployed every day. The government is emptying the pockets of unemployed youth by implementing new tests. The present government has filled only class IV posts in the last seven years, there have been thousands of shortcomings in it and even today the youth are suffering court dates for the benefits of socioeconomic or sports experience. Surprisingly, the state’s doctorate, master’s, B.Ed., B.Tech, and graduate youths had applied for the job in this recruitment of 10th standard due to lack of employment.


The present government is exploiting the state’s youth financially and mentally by showing false dreams. In State’s ITIs thousands of posts lying vacant, the Selection Commission took the exam for these posts but the government does not want to do this recruitment completely. This government put forward the contract employees and hanged the recruitment in the court as an excuse. For the past two years, the youth of these ITI posts are not getting anything other than the date. These youth say that the intention of the government is not right. If they did not have to recruit, then why take out the advertisement and take the paper? The government has exploited their dreams with this episode. For years, most of these youth are on the verge of being overcome by facing court cases.


Posts of 40 thousand teachers are lying vacant in state government schools. But the government collects fees from applicants by taking out the form in the name of teacher eligibility. But it has been ten years since the teacher was recruited. The last recruitment for JBT in the state came ten years ago. During this period, lakhs of the youth of the state have passed teacher qualification many times. But all their dreams are broken due to lack of recruitment. Now, most of the youth of the state are avoiding marriage due to lack of employment. They say that due to lack of employment, they do not have two loaves to eat for themselves, so how will they be able to take care of their life partner.


If the results of one or two recruits came in the last seven years, then their joining was hanging in the court. PGT Joining that recruitment of Sanskrit teachers has been hanging in the court for three years.  The present government has exploited the youth of the state apart from fulfilling their political interests. The youth here are on the path of movement or befriending crime. The matter is also valid, after all, if these educated youth go? Spending millions and putting his age at stake, he weaved dreams of his golden life, but the government is thinking of self-interests, not his welfare. By recruiting one or two lower levels, the government is beating itself up and Haryana has become the number one unemployed state across the country.


Every time the government is creating a new way of hanging jobs in the name of contract employees. This is just an excuse. When the recruitment came out, they knew all about where to recruit and how to do it. After all, on what basis were the advertisements released and the written examination was also conducted. Documentation is stopped by making excuses for corona, but in the teacher’s eligibility test, the unemployed are looted by having a paper made in ten days for money. Chief Minister, does not understand this or the state government should do whatever they want, the opposition should raise the matter loudly in the assembly and surround the present government.


The present government should understand the youth conditions and fulfill the pending recruitments immediately and also make new recruitment so that the energy of the youth can be utilized in the right direction. Otherwise, the time is not far when they will come on the streets and show the government its position. After all, why does the government want to create its enemies against unemployed people? With this thinking, the head of state should take his next step. They should understand what is the need of the youth and why are they sitting in this post? Youth power is expert in reversing the throne, history is a witness if the dictatorship of the whites does not last, then how long will the obstinate representations of democracy last?

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